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Our New York and Tri-State offices offers employer of record payroll services for temporary contingent staff and long-term direct employees.

Our Payrolling Services

From interim/temporary workers, interns, project IT staff, and part-time employees, to newly created office roles, indirect workers are quite common. Without a proven partner it can be complicated to navigate the classification system and hire new employees. Scion New York can immediately help take away the headaches of hiring indirect employees and offer you great flexibility to hire them directly, if and when you are ready! We focus on the Tri-State area: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, and we additionally support corporations and businesses with payrolling throughout the nation. 

The Benefits of our Payrolling Services: 

  • Elimination of complexities of hiring staff.
  • Easy to hire and scale!
  • Benefits and offered employment aspects are no longer an issue.
  • Employees that work for you, but are on our books.
  • Simple to set up payroll services.
  • Ongoing support for your staff!
  • Online timekeeping and easy management!
  • Elimination of all costs related to on-boarding staff and processing payroll.
  • Elimination of benefit, vacation, and holiday costs accorded permanent employees.
  • Elimination of City, Federal, and State unemployment filings and financial burdens associated with such claims.
  • Elimination of Workers Compensation costs and claims!
  • Protection against co-employment issues!
  • Scale on your terms!

What are payrolled employees and or what is employee of record payroll services?

Almost every entity has some kind of indirect employee. Many companies use Employer of Record payroll services to overcome the regulatory and cost hurdles when employing workers in a remote location, to have flexibility on committing to staff, or to find a way to cover benefit costs and or other employer burdens. Scion, as the employer of record assumes responsibilities and liabilities for employment issues such as administration, payroll, taxes, benefits, and maintaining employee records. Payrolled employees are always still on behalf of your entity, but they are no longer legally on your books. 

Payrolling offers flexibility in your hire, and significant administrative support for the payroll function. When ready, at any point you may later move the employee(s) back to your payroll, adjust their pay rate, or change their hours and schedule as you would normally. Thus, at all times you retain complete control over how much they work for you and when.

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Two staff members look over employee of record options sent by Scion Staffing New York for an open position at their sales company

Scion Staffing, Inc. is a modern staffing and payrolling agency, and thus we offer direct deposit, online time keeping, simple weekly corporate billing payable within 30 days, and the support of qualified and reliable payroll associates working on your behalf. If you are ready to hire an employee, but are not ready for the legal complexities that come with them, our professional payrolling services can help.